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Plugin for Summernote that adds a Button and/or Paste functionality for cleaning MS Word Crud from editor text
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A plugin for the Summernote WYSIWYG editor.

summernote-cleaner removes the unnecessary and possibly layout breaking Crud that gets added by MSWord, Open Office, and Libre Office Documents.

The plugin can function in a couple of different ways. It can have a Toolbar Button which allows the Cleaning of the Editor's Text, or Pasted Text can be Cleaned when Pasted into the Text Editor.

The plugin can also limit the number of characters, with options to display text and/or HTML count in the status bar area.


1. Include JS

Include the following code after Summernote:

<script src="summernote-cleaner.js"></script>

2. Supported languages

Currently available in English!

3. Summernote options

        ['cleaner',['cleaner']], // The Button
          action: 'both', // both|button|paste 'button' only cleans via toolbar button, 'paste' only clean when pasting content, both does both options.
          newline: '<br>', // Summernote's default is to use '<p><br></p>'
          notStyle: 'position:absolute;top:0;left:0;right:0', // Position of Notification
          icon: '<i class="note-icon">[Your Button]</i>',
          keepHtml: false, // Remove all Html formats
          keepOnlyTags: ['<p>', '<br>', '<ul>', '<li>', '<b>', '<strong>','<i>', '<a>'], // If keepHtml is true, remove all tags except these
          keepClasses: false, // Remove Classes
          badTags: ['style', 'script', 'applet', 'embed', 'noframes', 'noscript', 'html'], // Remove full tags with contents
          badAttributes: ['style', 'start'], // Remove attributes from remaining tags
          limitChars: false, // 0/false|# 0/false disables option
          limitDisplay: 'both', // text|html|both
          limitStop: false // true/false

4. Check out our other Summernote Plugins via our main Github page.


  • wheelspin
    • For adding Microsoft Browsers Support, and modifying the alert.
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