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Linked Texts Working Group

Venue: 218 Perkins Library, Duke University Parking: 135 Science Drive (next to Bryan Center) Dates: June 21 and 22

To join from remote:

Workshop notes: shared document

Confirmed Participants

  • Bridget Almas (remote)
  • Luke Hollis (remote)
  • Alison Babeu (remote)
  • Hao Wu (remote)
  • Ryan Baumann
  • James Tauber
  • Christopher Blackwell
  • Hugh Cayless
  • Thibault Clérice
  • Tom Elliott
  • Sam Huskey
  • Leonard Muellner
  • Eric Rebillard
  • Jonathan Robie
  • Matteo Romanello
  • Zachary Fletcher

Thursday, June 21


  • Introduction and Background (Hugh Cayless)
  • DTS APIs and implementations (Thibault Clérice)
  • CTS Handles (Bridget Almas), slides
  • Citation Modeling (Matteo Romanello) slides
  • Discussion: Should we develop a centralized citation resolution system? How should we develop the DTS ecosystem? Should this system create Handles for the passages it resolves (technical feasibility, costs)?

12:30–13:30: Lunch


  • Morning discussion cont'd.
  • Discussion: Citation Modeling
    • What use cases do we want to support?
    • What are the existing ontologies? What are their limits from our perspective?
    • Relationship between our model of text and CTS/DTS APIs
    • What can be done automatically (e.g. by API crawling) and what must be done manually (curation)?

Friday, June 22


  • Discussion: Next Steps
  • (goal) agree on an ontology to represent (citable) text passages and text relationships

12:30: Lunch / Departures


  • Those who aren't leaving Friday afternoon can continue the discussion and/or do some hacking.