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;;; cl-match: extended--ML-style pattern matching
;;; unit tests using pcl-test
;; This software is Copyright (c) 2008 Daniel S. Bensen.
;; You are hereby granted permission to distribute and use this software
;; as governed by the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
;; (,
;; known as the LLGPL.
;; This software is provided "as is" with no express or implied warranty.
;;(declaim (optimize (debug 3)))
(cl:defpackage :cl-match-test (:use :cl :pcl-unit-test :cl-match))
(cl:in-package :cl-match-test)
(defmacro patrn-errs (patrn)
`(let ((val (gensym "VAL"))) (errs (cl-match::patrn-vgt val ',patrn))))
(defmacro matches (patrn expr) `(ifmatch ,patrn ,expr t nil))
(defmacro not-matches (patrn expr) `(not (matches ,patrn ,expr)))
(defmacro pairs-match (pairs)
`(progn ,@(loop for pair in pairs
collect (cons 'matches pair))))
(defstruct foo bar gak)
(defpattern foo (&rest fields) `(struct foo- ,@fields))
(defclass urp () ((wuf :initarg :wuf :accessor wuf)
(eek :initarg :eek :accessor eek)))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun test-patrn (form)
(if (eq (car form) :quote)
(cadr form)
(let ((patrn (car form))
(expr (cadr form))
(matching (not (cddr form))))
(if (eq expr :errs)
`(patrn-errs ,patrn)
(if matching
`(matches ,patrn ,expr)
`(not-matches ,patrn ,expr)))))))
(defmacro def-test-match (&body tests)
`(deftest test-match ()
,@(loop for test in tests collect (test-patrn test)))))
(x 1)
(_ nil)
;;list, list*, cons
((list*) :errs)
((cons) :errs)
((cons x) :errs)
((cons x y z) :errs)
((list) nil)
((list x) '(nil)) ;setf vs. setft
((list* x _) '(nil))
((list* x _) (list* nil 1))
((list x y) '(a b))
((:list x y) '(a b)) ;keyword default
(("LIST" x y) '(a b)) ;string default
((list x y) (cons 1 2) :not)
((list x) 1 :not) ;wrong type
((list x y x) '(a b) :not) ; too short
((list x y) '(a b c) :not) ; too long
((list* car cdr) '(a b c))
((cons car cdr) '(a b c))
((list x (when x x)) :errs)
((as x) nil)
((as _) nil)
((as x _) nil)
( (as) :errs)
( (as x a b) :errs)
((as lx2 (list x x)) '(1 1))
((list x (as x _)) '(a a))
((list (as x _) x) '(a a))
((list x (list y z)) '(a (b c)))
((:list x (list y z) x) '(a (b c) a))
((:list x (list y z) x) '(a (b c) d) :not)
((when (< x y) (:list x y)) '(1 2))
((when (> x y) (:list x y)) '(1 2) :not)
;; ((list* x y) '(a b c d))
((list* x (list y z w)) '(a b c d))
( (cons x y) '(a))
( (cons x) :errs)
((list x (as x _)) '(1 1))
((list x (as x 1)) '(1 1))
((list x (as x 2)) '(1 1) :not)
((array 1 ((x y) (z w))) :errs) ;ranks differ
((array 2 ((x y) (z))) :errs) ;dims differ
((array 1 (x)) (make-array '(1) :initial-contents '(1)))
((array 2 ((x y) (z w))) (make-array '(2 2) :initial-contents '((1 2) (3 4))))
((array (2 string) ((x y) (z w))) (make-array '(2 2) :element-type 'integer
:initial-contents '((1 2) (3 4))) :not)
((array (2 integer) ((x y) (z w))) (make-array '(2 2) :element-type 'integer
:initial-contents '((1 2) (3 4))))
((array 2 ((x y) (y z))) (make-array '(2 2) :initial-contents '((1 2) (2 1))))
((array 2 ((x y) (y z))) (make-array '(2 2) :initial-contents '((1 2) (3 4))) :not)
((vec (x y z)) (make-array '(3) :initial-contents '(1 2 3)))
((vec (x y)) (make-array '(3) :initial-contents '(1 2 3)) :not)
((vec (x y) string) (make-array '(2) :element-type 'integer :initial-contents '(1 2)) :not)
((vec (x y) integer) (make-array '(2) :element-type 'integer :initial-contents '(1 2)))
((or 2 3) 1 :not)
((list x y (or x y)) '(a b a))
((list x (or (when (< x 1) x) (when (> x 1) y)) y) '(0 0 2))
((list x (or (when (< x 1) x) (when (> x 1) y)) y) '(2 1 1))
((list x (or (when (< x 1) x) (when (> x 1) y))) :errs)
((list x (when (> x 0) x)) :errs) ;not top level
( (when t) nil)
(:quote (let ((val 1)) (matches val (when (= val 1)))))
((when (= x 1) x) 1)
((list (vals x y)) :errs)
( (vals x x) (values 1 1))
((or (vals x 1) (vals 1 x)) (values 1 1))
((or (vals x 2) (vals 2 x)) (values 1 1) :not)
((or (vals 2 x) (when (> x 1) (vals 1 x))) (values 1 2))
;;[(values 1 '(2 3)) (patrn-vgt '(or (vals x (list y z)) (vals (list x y) z)))]
((struct) :errs)
( (struct foo- (bar 1) (gak 2)) (make-foo :bar 1 :gak 2))
((when (= x gak) (struct foo- (bar (list x y)) gak)) (make-foo :bar (list 1 2) :gak 1))
((struct foo- (a b c)) :errs)
((foo (bar 1) (gak 2)) (make-foo :bar 1 :gak 2))
;;slots, accsrs
((slots (a b c)) :errs)
((slots (wuf) (eek)) (make-instance 'urp)) ;default patrn is _
((slots wuf eek ) (make-instance 'urp) :not) ;slot-boundp prevents error
((slots wuf eek) (make-instance 'urp :wuf 1 :eek 2))
((acsrs (wuf) (eek)) (make-instance 'urp))
((type) :errs)
((type string) "FOO")
((type symbol) "FOO" :not)
('a 'a)
('b 'a :not)
;; match
(:quote (match '(a b) ((list x x) nil) ((list x y z) nil) ((list x y) t) (_ nil)))
(:quote (match (values 1 2)
((or (when (> x 1) (vals x 1)) (vals x x)) nil)
((or (when (> x 1) (vals 1 x)) (vals 2 x)) t)
(_ nil)))
(:quote (not (match '(a b) ((list x x) t) ((list x y z) t))))
;;[1 (not [2 or 3])]
;;(def tm () (test-match))
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