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Launcher Info

The launcher idea came to me after the WTLVTC wanting many features, yet they were in seperate applications. I assigned myself the task to fulfill what the VTC wanted but with one program.

After much thinking and planning, I began to do what I learned in college. I made the GUI of the launcher first and planned out what each function was needed. Now this was a big task for me, I was and still am, new to C# and Winforms but I was so dedicated to achieve my task I began to research many hours on stackoverflow and other resources that I came across. Some people who gave me help were nice and some.. well lets say I wish I never bothered.

Finally I had the outline of the task I had set and completed it (Few Bugs) but after much feed back from the VTC I decided to improve were I could and learn along the way.

As I am the only developer and still new some updates will have fixes and changes due to me learning a better way of doing something or an improvement when I have a clear mind (not drunk).

I hope you enjoy using the application/source code for your own use. P.S. read the License agreement!

No help will be given to others who wish to use the source code since I don't have time for it.


Main Menu

Main Menu

Settings Menu

Main Menu

Help Menu

Main Menu


Donations are much appreciated!


Download the latest version and/or source code from here!

Special Thanks

I appriciate the VTC's Owner (Senka Wolf) for helping me with design and improvements needed to make this launcher unique and suitable for the public, for supporting me with the development process and dedicating his time to make tutorials to help anyone that uses it.

For suppling the custom GUI screenshots and testing before release. All images inside the 'custom gui' folder belong to him and I have been given permission to use them, this comes with the installation of the program NOT the source code.


I would like to say a personal thank you to TheUnknownNo for helping me make this possible.


Advanced Installer

The Windows Installer is made with Advanced Installer on an open source license. Advanced Installer allowed me to create a feature complete installer in a user friendly environment with minimal effort.

This is a great starting place for new/experienced developers or small business to start from by creating an advanced installer with the friendly GUI.

If you would like to know more please visit their website

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