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(ns braincloj.core)
(def operators {\+ :inc \- :dec
\< :prev \> :next
\, :getc \. :putc
\[ :loopin \] :loopout})
(defn- init-memory [size]
(vec (take size (repeat 0))))
(defn- loop-in [prog cp mp mem]
[(if (zero? (nth mem mp))
(loop [p cp]
(if (= (nth prog p) :loopout)
(recur (inc p))))
(inc cp))
mp mem])
(defn- loop-out [prog cp mp mem]
[(if (zero? (nth mem mp))
(inc cp)
(loop [p cp]
(if (= (nth prog p) :loopin)
(recur (dec p)))))
mp mem])
; +[+[++]++]+
(defn parse-loops [prog]
(fn [idx op]
(if (= :loopin op)
(defn parse
"Parse a brainfuck string into a vector of keywords (see operators)"
(vec (filter (complement nil?)
(map #(operators %) prog))))
(defn run
"Run a correct brainfuck program, parsed with braincloj.core/parse"
(loop [cp 0 mp 0 mem (init-memory 10)]
(if (< cp (count prog))
(let [[cp mp mem] (case (nth prog cp)
:inc [(inc cp) mp (assoc mem mp (inc (nth mem mp)))]
:dec [(inc cp) mp (assoc mem mp (dec (nth mem mp)))]
:next [(inc cp) (inc mp) mem]
:prev [(inc cp) (dec mp) mem]
:loopin (loop-in prog cp mp mem)
:loopout (loop-out prog cp mp mem)
:putc (do
(print (char (nth mem mp)))
[(inc cp) mp mem])
[(inc cp) mp mem])]
;(println mem)
(recur cp mp mem)))))
(def hello-world (parse "++++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-]>++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++.------.--------.>+.>."))