A Matlab implementation of Thermodynamics-based Flux Analysis
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You will need to have Git-LFS in order to properly download some binary files:

git clone https://github.com/EPFL-LCSB/pytfa.git /path/to/pytfa
cd /path/to/pytfa
git lfs install
git lfs pull

The scripts have been developed with Matlab 2012a, and CPLEX 12.5 (freely downloadable with the IBM Academic initiative), and successfully ran on several other versions of both softwares. However, it is important to respect the IBM compatibility specs sheets between Matlab, CPLEX, and the computer OS - available on IBM's website

We recommend the stable combination of MATLAB 2016a and CPLEX 12.7 (also freely downloadable from the IBM Academic initiative).


The software in this repository is put under a GPLv3.0 licensing scheme - please see the LICENSE file for more details.

This software uses open source components. These are included in the ext/ folder. See the NOTICE for more information on their specific licensing schemes