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Welcome to the CTSM wiki!

See the sidebar for links to pages.

Two particularly useful pages for getting started with git are:

Two pages helpful for CTSM development are the community forum and the ctsm-dev email list:

  • LMWG community for asking questions and getting help from the community
  • Click here to sign up for email to the email list regarding issues with development as well as getting notices of each CTSM tag. This group is open to everyone, and mainly just gives updates on CTSM tags that are being made (so every few weeks in general). It also may contain updates on CTSM issues important for developers (but at a low volume). Anyone can join the list, but any posts you make to the list are moderated (and moderators may ask you to post in a different forum). Note the old email list is being deprecated, please move to the new list.
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