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<title>Pub Standards - Dublin.</title>
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<h2>What is it?</h2>
<p>Pub Standards Dublin is the largest monthly meetup of developers, designers, founders and <br>people-who-like-to-build-stuff, in Ireland.
It has been running in <a href="" title="PubStandards London">London</a> and <a href="">other cities</a> since 2005, and in Dublin since August 2010.<fb:like style="float:right;right:-135px;bottom:40px;" href="" layout="box_count" width="200" font="lucida grande"></fb:like></p>
<p>Pub Standards is organised by <a href="" title="Eamon Leonard on Twitter">Eamon Leonard</a> & <a href="" title="Ross Duggan on Twitter">Ross Duggan</a> of <a href="http://eng" title="Engine Yard, the leading Platform as a Service for Ruby, PHP, NodeJS">Engine Yard</a>.</p>
<h2>Who is it for?</h2>
<p>Pub Standards is open to everyone. It's loosely aimed at web design & development geeks, but that doesn't mean chitchat need necessarily be work-related.&nbsp; Don't expect structure, don't expect presentations, just relax with likeminded people and a few beers.</p><p><br/><strong>This is the post-conference drink-up, without the conference</strong></p>
<h2>An inclusive, diverse community</h2>
<p>PubStandards Dublin is dedicated to providing an enjoyable, respectful and harassment-free event experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form and we expect all participants to conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner. </p><p><a href="antiharassmentpolicy.html" title="PubStandards Dublin Anti-Harassment Policy">Read our Anti-Harassment Policy</a></p>
<p>The <a href="" title="The Bull & Castle on Twitter">Bull & Castle</a>, beside Christ Church, Dublin City. You'll find us in the beer hall upstairs.</p>
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<p>Between PubStandards, we chat on IRC - we're on Freenode at #pubstandardsdub</p>
<h2>< Substandards ></h2>
<p>The mid-Pub Standards non-Pub Standards Pub Standards. For the more hardcore, Substandards takes place on the middle Thursday between regular Pub Standards'.
The rules are that, instead of having a number (like regular Pub Standards) it must have a name (such as Substandards Jeff) and must always be in a different pub. Follow <a href="" title="Pub Standards Dublin on Twitter">@PubStandardsDub</a> for location details.</p>
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<p>The second Thursday of every month, 18:30 onwards.</p>
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<h2>When is Substandards?</h2>
<p class="past">The Thursday between regular Pub Standards, 18:30 onwards.</p>
<p>If anyone wants to organise a Substandards, contact <a href="">@PubStandardsDub</a> or <a href="">@EamonLeonard</a></p>
<li class="past"><span class="date"> "Ada" </span>26th August 2010</li>
<li class="past">O&apos;Neill&apos;s Pearse Street, Dublin 2.</li>
<div id="ft" class="footer"><p>Pub Standards beermat by <a href="" title="Ben Darlow on Twitter">Ben</a>. Markup hastily done by <a href="" title="DublinDrunkard">Eamon</a>. Venue "research" by <a href="" title="Helgi on Twitter">Hel</a><a href="images/iceman.jpg" title="Helgi Iceman">gi</a>.
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<h3>Closing Time</h3>
<p>Dear Dublin Geeks,</p>
<p>It's been great. But the time has come to close the door on Pub Standards Dublin.</p>
<h4>The next Pub Standards, on Thursday 13th November, will be the last one.</h4>
<p>When I started Pub Standards in August 2010, there wasn't very many meetups for people who build apps, interfaces and
businesses. These days, there are <a href="">
loads!</a> I don't feel that Pub Standards is needed anymore. It served it's purpose -- other meetups were formed,
startups were founded, projects were created and people got hired. We had a good run :)
<p>I'd like to thank everyone who attended over the last 4 years. In particular, Ross & Conor and the all the Enigne Yard Dublin team, most of
whom I hired because of Pub Standards. Thanks also to Dave and his team in the Bull & Castle - or whatever they call themseleves these days ;-D
Finally, thanks to <a href="">@kapowaz</a> who made the logo, and of course the original Pub
Standards community in <a href="">London</a>, who started it all back in 2005.
<p>In general, I try not to have regrets, but in this case I have one. I wasn't able to
make Pub Standards a diverse enough place. I tried to make it open, friendly and accessible to all. But I guess when
your event takes place in a pub, and you have "pub" in the name, you're probably not off to a good start.
<p>Anyway, sure, look it... Cheers,</p>
<p><a href="">@EamonLeonard</a></p>
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function nextPubStandards(a_date) {
var thursdays = 0;
var next = new Date(
a_date.getYear() + 1900,
a_date.getMonth() + 1,
next.setDate(next.getDate() - 1);
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function formatDate(a_date) {
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return day + 'rd';
} else {
return day + 'th';
var months = [
return dayfmt(a_date.getDate()) + " " +
months[a_date.getMonth()] + " " +
var pubStandardsDay = new Date(2010, 7, 12);
var pubStandardsNum = 0;
var yesterday = new Date();
yesterday.setDate(yesterday.getDate() - 1);
var pending = 0;
while (pending < 1) {
item = "<li>";
if (pubStandardsDay < yesterday) {
item = "<li class=\"past\">"
} else {
item += "<span class=\"date\"># " + pubStandardsNum + "</span>";
item += formatDate(pubStandardsDay);
item += "</li>";
pubStandardsDay = nextPubStandards(pubStandardsDay);
if(pubStandardsNum > 50)break;