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/* RNA secondary structure markup in WUSS notation.
#ifndef eslWUSS_INCLUDED
#define eslWUSS_INCLUDED
#include "esl_config.h"
extern int esl_wuss2ct(char *ss, int len, int *ct);
extern int esl_ct2wuss(int *ct, int n, char *ss);
extern int esl_ct2simplewuss(int *ct, int n, char *ss);
extern int esl_wuss2kh(char *ss, char *kh);
extern int esl_kh2wuss(char *kh, char *ss);
extern int esl_wuss_full(char *oldss, char *newss);
extern int esl_wuss_nopseudo(char *ss1, char *ss2);
extern int esl_wuss_reverse(char *ss, char *new);
#endif /*eslWUSS_INCLUDED*/
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