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brain56 commented May 5, 2014

Hi, what is the minimum iOS version supported? I seem to be running into some trouble with an iPhone 4 running on iOS 5. Thanks!


Hi, I don't have an iOS 5 device anymore, so I don't know for sure.

What is the trouble you have? And can you confirm the same code works on iOS6/7?

brain56 commented May 12, 2014

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can confirm that the code works for iOS 6 onwards, not just on the iOS 5. I never got the chance to fully document what errors occur. Superficially, the toast just doesn't happen and the rest of the script which uses the toast breaks, so I assumed it has something to do with the code not working properly as this was an older iOS version.

Anyway, as the iOS 5 is an ancient version, most support for which have been dropped, we decided to use iOS 6 as the minimum version, so I won't be needing anymore help regarding the issue. But I'll still try to document the problem with iOS 5 so I can give back to your work and contribute.

Thanks! :)


Thanks @brain56, I've added a note to the readme with a pointer to this issue.

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