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libelektra - shared snippets

Welcome to the snippet repository! Here you find all snippets that have been shared through the snippet sharing service on our website.

This repository mainly serves two purposes:

  • backups for ourselves
  • easier download of all snippets for you!

For license details please see


What can I do with this files?

If you want, you can download the snippets and mount them locally. You then have access to all the snippets even without internet connection.

When you try to export snippets from the mounted file, you should make sure to use the format/plugin that was used during upload. You can look this up in the meta data of a snippet, e.g.

// retrieve upload format/plugin
kdb getmeta /<mountpoint>/path/to/the/snippet plugin

// export snippet with right format
kdb export /<mountpoint>/path/to/the/snippet <format/plugin>

Which of the files should I use?

We suggest using one of the ini exports, as the dump export uses absolute key paths and can therefore only be imported under the same path as it was exported (which is system/configs). The other available formats do not preserve meta data and/or ordering, which you should have if you want to lookup the upload format/plugin.


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