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Request: Add possibility to manually upgrade a town instead of relying on number of town members. #87

GrandPhoenix opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I'm currently playing on a fairly large server using towny and we are not currently using the town rank system because it relies on the amount of players in a town.
Many of the people playing on this server don't like to have to fight over new players, and don't like to have the town decrease in size when players leave the town.
This also means that we cant use the upkeepModifier and several other town_level features.
Therefore it would be very beneficial to our server if an option was added to disable automatic upgrade/downgrade of town levels based on town members, and add an admin command to do said upgrade/downgrade.
Thanks in advance.


Or possibly add a command for town mayors to buy a town upgrade for a currency value set in the config at the same place as numResidents in the configs.

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