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EnMasse provides a self-service messaging platform on Kubernetes and OpenShift with a uniform interface to manage different messaging infrastructure.


  • Self-service messaging for applications - The service admin deploys and manages the messaging infrastructure, while applications can request messaging resources without caring about the messaging infrastructure.

  • Supports a wide variety of messaging patterns - Choose between JMS-style messaging with strict guarantees, or messaging that supports a larger number of connections and higher throughput.

  • Great protocol support - Support protocols available in the underlying messaging infrastructure: AMQP 1.0, MQTT, OpenWire, CORE and STOMP.

  • Built-in authentication and authorization - Use the built-in or plug in your own authentication service for authentication and authorization of messaging clients.

  • Uniform interface to manage messaging infrastructure - Manage standalone broker instances or a scale-on-demand AMQP message bus using the same cloud-native APIs.

See our website for more details about the project.

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To start using EnMasse

See the documentation on our website.

To start developing EnMasse

See developing for information on how to get started building EnMasse.

See contributing for information on how to contribute to EnMasse.


If you need support, reach out to us via the mailinglist or on Gitter.

See contributing for more info on how to get help from the community.

If you run into issues, don't hesitate to raise an issue.