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Aleppo: ALternative Erlang Pre-ProcessOr

Aleppo is an alternative to epp(3erl), and is mainly intended for Erlang compiler hackers. The problem with EPP is that it only operates on Erlang source files. Aleppo will operate directly on tokens returned by erl_scan.

erl_scan -> *aleppo* -> erl_parse -> compile


  • Token-oriented API. Pass in tokens returned by erl_scan, receive a list of erl_scan-compatible tokens after preprocessor macros have been applied. No parsing of Erlang code is performed!

  • Support for -define, -undef, -ifdef, -ifndef, -else, -endif, -include, -include_lib

  • Preprocessor directives can be used inside functions


aleppo:process_file(FileName) -> {ok, Tokens} | {error, Error}

aleppo:process_tokens(Tokens) -> {ok, NewTokens} | {error, Error}

aleppo:process_tokens(Tokens, Options) -> {ok, NewTokens} | {error, Error}

    Options = [{file, FileName}, {include, [IncludeSearchDirectories]}]


When calling erl_scan:tokens/3, be sure to pass in a {Row, Column} tuple as the third argument (not just a Row integer). Otherwise Aleppo will not properly handle -include directives.

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