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Interim recommendations and actions from the FAIR Data Expert Group


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This repo is to facilitate a stakeholder consultation on the FAIR Data Action Plan which the Horizon 2020 Commission Expert Group on Turning FAIR Data into Reality (E03464) has compiled to inform the European Commission and EOSC.

A parallel stakeholder consultation is being run on the recommendations and Rules of Engagement proposed by the second High Level Expert Group ‘European Open Science Cloud' (E03513). See the EOSC Pilot website for further details.

The FAIR Data Action Plan

The FAIR Data Action Plan puts forward 34 recommendations, each with a series of actions assigned to multiple stakeholder groups. The stakeholder groups are: research communities, data services, data stewards, standards bodies, global coordination fora, policy makers, research funders, institutions and publishers.

In addition, each recommendation is associated with the main topic covered (typically the report chapter in which it emerged): policy, culture, technology, skills, metrics or costs. Some are closely aligned to two topics, e.g. culture and technology.

The labels for topics and stakeholder groups may help you filter and find the most relevant content for you.

What to contribute

Each recommendation and set of actions is listed as a GitHub Issue. Please read through and respond to those relevant to you by considering:

  1. How important is this recommendation? Leave a reaction e.g. thumbs up, thumbs down, heart, confused
  2. Are the actions appropriate? Is there an action missing?
  3. Are any of the listed actions superfluous / less important?
  4. Are the stakeholders correct?
  5. What is an appropriate timescale for the action?
  6. What existing activity does this recommendation / action need to build upon? What needs to be done to make this action a reality? Who should take responsibility for the delivery of this action?

You can comment on as many or as few tickets as you like, and can also respond to other people's comments.

How else to get involved

The Interim report on Turning FAIR data into reality is also available as a Google doc for comments. Here you will see the wider narrative which brought us to the recommendations and action plan. We are again interested in your reactions to the content, whether it is clear or if you felt parts are missing or superfluous.

We will also be speaking at events and webinars. Details forthcoming.

The consultation period closes on Sunday 5th August 2018.


Interim recommendations and actions from the FAIR Data Expert Group







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