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A user-friendly replacement for select boxes with multiple attribute enabled
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multi.js is a user-friendly replacement for select boxes with the multiple attribute. It has no dependencies, is mobile-friendly, and provides search functionality. multi.js is also easy to style with CSS and optionally supports jQuery.

Check out the demo.

Preview of multi.js


Install with npm:

npm install --save multi.js

Install with yarn:

yarn add multi.js

Install manually by cloning or downloading the repository to your project and including both files in the dist directory.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="multijs/dist/multi.min.css">
<script src="multijs/dist/multi.min.js"></script>


multi.js can be applied to any select element with the multiple attribute enabled.

var select_element = document.getElementById("your_select_element");

To customize multi a few options can be passed with the function call. Below are all the default values.

multi(select_element, {
    "enable_search": true,
    "search_placeholder": "Search...",
    "non_selected_header": null,
    "selected_header": null,
    "limit": -1,
    "limit_reached": function () {},

Column headers

To add headers to both columns set values for these options:

multi(select_element, {
    'non_selected_header': 'All options',
    'selected_header': 'Selected options'


You can add a limit of option selected for your select using the limit parameter. Default is -1, which means "no limit".

multi(select_element, {
    'limit': 10

Additionally, there a callback is available: limit_reached, invoked when the user selects the last available option before reaching the limit (for example, the 10th element of a maximum of 10).

multi(select_element, {
    'limit': 10,
    'limit_reached': function () {
      alert('You have selected 10/10 elements.');


multi.js is fully native Javascript but also has jQuery support. If you have jQuery included multi can be applied to a select element as follows:



  • Native Javascript, no jQuery
  • Support for disabled options
  • Support for optgroups
  • Browser testing
  • Support for retrieving options by AJAX
  • Tests


All contributions, big and small, are very welcome.

Use Prettier to format all code after editing. Build the project with Grunt and bump the version number before creating a pull request.


multi.js is licensed under MIT.

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