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> My only problem is with DEF-BITFIELD. All other BINARY-TYPES
> features are intuitive and easy to use.
Hi, you are right that DEF-BITFIELD is poorly documented. I think
that's because it's a bit complex and I'm not quite confident it is
the way it should be. Anyways, here are a couple of examples:
(define-bitfield r-info (u32)
(((:enum :byte (8 0))
r-386-none 0
r-386-32 1
r-386-pc32 2
r-386-got32 3
r-386-plt32 4
r-386-copy 5
r-386-glob-dat 6
r-386-jmp-slot 7
r-386-relative 8
r-386-gotoff 9
r-386-gotpc 10)
((:numeric r-sym 24 8))))
This declares R-INFO to be an unsigned 32-bit number, divided into two
fields. The first field resides in bits 0-7, and is one of the values
r-386-xx. The second field is a numeric value that resides in bits
8-23. So this type R-INFO may for example have symbolic value
(r-386-pc32 (r-sym . 1)), which translates to a numeric value of
(logior 2 1<<8)) = 258.
Another example:
(define-bitfield p-flags (u8)
pf-x 0
pf-w 1
pf-r 2)))
Here P-FLAGS has just one bit-field, where bit 0 is named PF-X, bit 1
is named PF-W etc. So the value (PF-X PF-R) maps to 5.
As you may see by now, DEF-BITFIELD divides a numeric base-type
(typically an unsigned integer) into a number of fields, where each
field is one of :BITS for bitmaps, :ENUM for an enumerated field
(takes an optional :BYTE <bytespec>), and finally :NUMERIC <byte-size>
<byte-pos> for a subfield that is a number.
Hope this helps.
Frode Vatvedt Fjeld
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