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@BernardoGiordano BernardoGiordano released this Dec 9, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

Switch - What's new

  • Added compatibility for Atmosphere 0.10.0+. This changes the cheats path from /atmosphere/titles to /atmosphere/contents, so that means this version won't be able to put cheats in place for older Atmosphere versions.
  • Fixed: the Aborted by user issue occurring when trying to perform a backup in Applet mode.
    • This means that if you're running Checkpoint in Applet mode, you won't be prompted to decide a name for your backup and the default name will be used instead.
    • This also solves incompatibilities for CFWs that don't properly support title takeover.
  • Fixed: the Account Selection applet won't cause Checkpoint to hang anymore if using Applet mode, if you're running Atmosphere 0.10.0+.

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