Release v2.2.0

@Floens Floens released this Oct 3, 2016

New in 2.2.0 (2016-10-03)

  • Add sliding of threads back.
  • Rewrote thread watching, it's more stable and works correctly with doze now.
  • Optimized parsing with multithreading.
  • Added album view.
  • Added bookmark clearing.
  • Added inline reporting.
  • All boards are added by default now.
  • Thread positions are retained across restarts.
  • Allow setting of multiple types on filters simultaneously.
  • Made single frame gifs zoomable.
  • Add saving of images into their own board folder.
  • More advanced settings.
  • Many bug fixes.

Note: this release fixes the problem where boards couldn't be added.


Release v2.1.3

@Floens Floens released this Jan 29, 2016

New in 2.1.3 (2016-01-28)

  • New Google Play release

Note: this APK is the only one with the package name changed from org.floens.chan to org.floens.clover, do not use it.


Release v2.1.2

@Floens Floens released this Jan 17, 2016

New in 2.1.2 (2016-01-17)

  • New design.
  • New inline reply layout.
  • Support for thread hiding.
  • Support for filtering threads, making posts either highlighted, hidden or completely removed.
  • Support for history.
  • More themes were added.
  • Album downloads have been improved.
  • Catalog mode now uses cards.
  • More advanced options added.
  • Minor features and bug fixes.


Release v1.2.11

@Floens Floens released this Jun 20, 2015 · 513 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.11 (2015-06-20)

  • Update/fix captchas


Release v1.2.10

@Floens Floens released this Apr 1, 2015 · 517 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.10 (2015-04-01)
With the help of recaptcha support and nin9tyfour (developer of the iOS 4chan app Fortune), recaptcha v2 has been implemented. This means you will see the captcha box you also see on the desktop.

  • Replaced fallback captcha with the captcha v2 box
  • Bug fixes


Release v1.2.9

@Floens Floens released this Feb 7, 2015 · 523 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.9 (2015-02-06)

  • More captcha fixing, should be easier now.


Release v1.2.8

@Floens Floens released this Feb 6, 2015 · 527 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.8 (2015-02-06)

  • Fix captcha not working


Release v1.2.7

@Floens Floens released this Jan 31, 2015 · 530 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.7 (2015-01-31)

  • Fix some image loading issues


Release v1.2.6

@Floens Floens released this Jan 28, 2015 · 534 commits to master since this release

New in 1.2.6 (2015-01-28)

  • Fix for captcha image not loading


Release v1.2.5

@Floens Floens released this Dec 11, 2014

New in 1.2.5 (2014-12-11)

  • Fix 4chan pass