Mi Band Firmware Update

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This feature has the potential to brick your Mi Band! That said, this has never happened to any of the developers, but remember you're doing this at your own risk.

Getting the firmware

Since we may not distribute the firmware, you have to do a little work. You need to find and download a Mi Fit APK file. There is an APK Mirror Web site that might help you find Mi Fit. Extract the downloaded .apk file with "unzip", and you will find an assets/ directory containing *.fw files, among others.

Next, you need to find out, which of the *.fw files you need.

Some less interesting technical information is in Mi Band Firmware Information.

Mi Band model

Which Mi Band do you have? There are different models and each of them needs a different *.fw file.

  1. Model 1 (coloured LEDs): Mili.fw

  2. Model 1A (white LEDs): Mili_1a.fw

  3. Model 1S (white LEDs + heart rate sensor): Mili_hr.fw

  4. Model 2 (with display + heart rate sensor): Mili_pro.fw

Known firmwares' md5

As mentioned above, we are not allowed to distribute firmware files, these md5 values may be used to check if the firmware file you obtained is valid/is not corrupted. To check the md5 you may use the command md5sum on a GNU/Linux distribution.

  1. Model 1 (coloured LEDs): Mili.fw

    • - 1c43d7f03c911f9ba8844ddd44bd8304
    • - 2833690a70ec8c6699ccd3ac08b933cc
    • - 3a941165b7b4e296ecd68cdfb0e01062
    • - de4e5f3bf1fb5b610b3261c7f3557ca7
  2. Model 1A (white LEDs): Mili_1a.fw

    • - 356a8e1f006c541b76b306d4dbfbfaea
    • - bbb904842a807acf1e2be5e2b41d888b
  3. Model 1S (white LEDs + heart rate sensor): Mili_hr.fw

    • - 7be80f0061efdf660e25a2d7cb3b6660
    • - 24d8b84f8964489b893d1cb4581dc85f
    • - 3b3b1427078b23808dce480a85665423
  4. Model 2 (with display + heart rate sensor): Mili_pro.fw

    • - a98ee8d6a04b3bb4aff472e2cc91c21b
    • - abdd122897234f40b556f775ba0b9dc2 (included in all newer Mi Fit APKs as Mili_pro_53.fw)
    • - 804903543b7958c1b4f9b5c0e420bcb5

Installing the firmware

Copy the desired Mi Band firmware as a *.fw file to your Android device and open it from any file manager on that device. The Gadgetbridge firmware update activity should then be started and guide you through the installation process.

Note 1: Both upgrade and downgrade of firmware versions is possible.

Note 2: Mi Band 2 upgrades from 1.0.0.* firmware versions to newer versions (>1.0.0.* ) require to upgrade to an intermediate firmware version first. This intermediate version is and is included in all Mi Fit APKs that supply such newer firmware. Besides the Mili_pro.fw file there will also be the file Mili_pro_53.fw. Install the latter before installing the Mili_pro.fw file.