Real-time web-server visualization using OpenGL and a force directed layout
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1. Install qt4-development packages and qmake
   (sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools)
2. qmake -unix -recursive -o Makefile && make
3. cp gltrail.ini-example gltrail.ini
   (and replace with your information)
4. ./bin/gltrail gltrail.ini
   ./bin/gltrail --digg
   ./bin/gltrail --twitter

Note: You'll need public-key ssh access set up to your servers,
      as I haven't found a good/free cross-platform ssh library.

   ESC = exit
 SPACE = cycle between line modes (off, all, >10% of max traffic)
     S = show/hide stats
     B = cycle between size modes (rate, links in, links out,
                                   links total, hits)
     V = show repulsive forces
     N = toggle discharge/receive forces