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using microObjectPizzaShop.Library.Numeric;
using MicroObjectPizzaShop.Library.Texts;
namespace microObjectPizzaShop.Library.Texts {
public class RemoveText : IText
private const int NotFound = -1;
private readonly IText _source;
private readonly IInteger _lastIndexOf;
private readonly IInteger _lengthOf;
public RemoveText(IText source, IText target) :
this(source, new LastIndexOf(source, target), new LengthOf(target))
{ }
public RemoveText(IText source, IInteger lastIndexOf, IInteger lengthOf)
_source = source;
_lastIndexOf = lastIndexOf;
_lengthOf = lengthOf;
public string String()
int lastIndexOf = _lastIndexOf.Value();
if (lastIndexOf == NotFound) return _source.String();
return _source.String().Remove(lastIndexOf, _lengthOf.Value());
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