Using HTTP and an HTML interface to Upload and Download files to an ESP32 or ESP8266 Filing System
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ESP32-ESP8266 File Upload and Download

Using HTTP and an HTML interface to download files from an ESP32/ESP8266

  1. Download all files to a sketch folder.

  2. Edit the Network tab and add in your SSID and PASSWORD, more if you have them.

  3. Choose your IP address, currently it is fixed to

  4. You can edit the logical name 'fileserver' to your requirements then access the device with http://fileserver.local but only if your browser has mDNS support otherwise use

  5. NOTE: the Directory command is not included in this release, this comes later.

  6. To test the upload transfer a known file to the SD-Card.

NOTES:The ESP32 is not reliable when using SD Cards, please ensure you know how to connect the SPI bus to the SD-Card if not using an MH-ET Live ESP32 board and a Wemos SD-Card Shield. Although pull-ups are enabled, you may need to add an external 4k7 pull-up too on the MISO line.