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Vehicle Signal Specification standard building on the work done by W3C / AMB.
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rstreif and danielwilms Using reproducible UUID namespace
This commit updates the creation of UUID5 (SHA-1 hash) from using
the UUID5 of their parent as the namespace to a UUID5 namespace
derived from the object identifier 'vehicle_signal_specification':

> uuid.uuid5(uuid.NAMESPACE_OID, 'vehicle_signal_specification')
> UUID('4635ee41-2db8-5e71-94e0-9ad0f157522c')

This means that a UUID5 for any node in the VSS tree can always
be computed with:

> uuid.uuid5(UUID('4635ee41-2db8-5e71-94e0-9ad0f157522c'), 'Vehicle')
> UUID('ccc825f9-4139-544d-bb5f-4bfd033bece6')

This fixes the criticism that the previous signal ID, which was simply
a numbering, already had and that was carried over to the UUID scheme
that with any new creating of the ID database the IDs would change
unless the database was used as a lookup table (in that case the ID
would simply be read from the database).

This carried over to the UUID-based database because the root UUID
(the one for the first node called 'vehicle') was created using a
UUID1 which is based on hostid, sequence number and time. Furthermore,
the previous UUID creation used the parent node's UUID as the namespace,
hence nodes with different parents would use a different namespace (and
all nodes with 'vehicle' as parent would use the UUID1 for 'vehicle' as
their namespace).

Technically, with this change the ID database becomes somewhat obsolete
as a lookup table to create UUIDs as they always can be reccomputed as
shown above. However, the database still has its place as a reverse lookup
table since UUIDs are of course hashes and hash functions are not inverse.
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(C) 2019 Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMW AG)
(C) 2018 Volvo Cars
(C) 2016 Jaguar Land Rover

All files and artifacts in this repository are licensed under the provisions of the license provided by the LICENSE file in this repository.


Please find the official documentation at: Vehicle Signal Specification

Latest release: 1.0

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