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A bare-bones Twitter clone implemented in a single file
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This is a project which has corresponding talk slides

This is a bare bones "Twitter clone" implemented in a single file that you can deploy to EC2

This uses:

The result looks like this:



  1. Create an AWS account

    ... by following these instructions

  2. Install Nix:

    $ curl | sh
  3. Install the AWS command-line interface:

    $ nix-env --install awscli
  4. Configure your AWS credentials

    ... by following these instructions

    If you did this correctly you should have an ~/.aws/credentials file that looks similar to this:

    aws_access_key_id = …
    aws_secret_access_key = …
  5. Install NixOps:

    $ nix-env --install nixops
  6. Build and redeploy the web application

    $ nixops create --deployment simple-twitter simple-twitter.nix
    $ nixops deploy --deployment simple-twitter --allow-reboot

If you make changes you can redeploy the application by re-running the last step:

$ nixops deploy --deployment simple-twitter --allow-reboot

To destroy the machine and clean up everything, run:

$ nixops destroy --deployment simple-twitter
$ nixops delete --deployment simple-twitter

Have fun! 🙂

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