Haskell Avro Encoding and Decoding Native Support (no RPC)
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Native Haskell implementation of Avro

This is a Haskell Avro library useful for decoding and encoding Avro data structures. Avro can be thought of as a serialization format and RPC specification which induces three separable tasks:

  • Deserialization - This library has been used "in anger" for deserialization of avro container files and should suffice for general needs.
  • Serialization - Encoding routines exist and have seen some use, but much less than the deserialization path. Finding a good serialization API is harder in general because it involves zipping up two otherwise unrelated structures (the actual ADT and the Avro Schema).
  • RPC - There is currently no support for Avro RPC in this library.

Please see the TODO