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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii vimprobablerc.1
.TH VIMPROBABLERC 1 "December 2009" "Linux User Manuals"
vimprobablerc \- The configuration file for Vimprobable
If you have a .config/vimprobable/vimprobablerc in your home directory, Vimprobable
will read it at startup.
The vimprobablerc file consists of a series of configuration options, one per line. Blank lines and lines starting with a
colon (:) are seen as comments and will be ignored.
.I $HOME/.config/vimprobable/vimprobablerc
Per user configuration file.
.IP set
set is used to alter a default setting. For possible options that can be altered,
see the SETTINGS section below.
Each line looks like this:
.I " " set what=value
Vimprobable is not picky about white space in these lines.
.IP map
map is used to change the default key-binding. For possible options that
can be altered see the MAPPING section below.
Each line looks like this:
.I " " map what=value
Vimprobable is not picky about white space in these lines.
.IP misc
Any command listed under colon commands in vimprobable2(1) will be accepted in the config file as well.
It is possible to map keys modified with eiter Control, Shift or Modkeys.
To map a key modified with Control, use this format: <C-h>
where C stands for the Control-key and h for the h-key.
or <S-k> where S stands for the Shift-key and k for the k-key.
<M1-j> maps the combination of Mod1 and the j-key. Mod1 is
usually the "Alt" key, Mod4 the "Windows" key.
<C-h> : Ctrl-h
<C-k> : Ctrl-k
z<S-i>: z followed by Shift-i
This section describes the possible options that can be changed from
their default value.
.IP completioncase=[true|false]
Case sensitive (true) or insensitive tab completion.
.IP homepage=URL
Set the URL of the homepage.
.IP useragent=<useragent-string>
Replace the default useragent-string.
.IP acceptlanguage=<acceptlanguage-string>
Replace the default acceptlanguage-string.
.IP scripts=[true|false]
Enable or disable scripts.
.IP plugins=[true|false]
Enable or disable plugins.
.IP java=[true|false]
Enable or disable Java applets.
.IP images=[true|false]
Enable or disable autoload of images.
.IP shrinkimages=[true|false]
Enable or disable autoshrink of images.
.IP cursivefont=cursivefont-family
Replace the default cursive font family
.IP defaultencoding=encoding
Replace the default encoding
.IP defaultfont=default-font-family
Replace the default font family
.IP defaultsearch=searchengine-shortcut
Replace the default search engine
.IP fontsize=integer
Replace the default fontsize
.IP monofontsize=integer
Replace the default monospace fontsize
.IP caret=[true|false]
Enable or disable caret browsing
.IP fantasyfont=fantasy-font-family
Replace the default fantasy font family
.IP minimumfontsize=integer
Replace the default minimum font size
.IP monofont=default-monospace-font-family
Replace the default monospace font family
.IP proxy=[true|false]
Whether to read and use the http_proxy environment variable
.IP backgrounds=[true|false]
Enable or disable print backgrounds
.IP sansfont=default-sans-font-family
Replace the default sans-serif font family
.IP scrollbars=[true|false]
Enable or disable scrollbars.
.IP statusbar=[true|false]
Show or hide the status bar.
.IP inputbox=[true|false]
Show or hide the input box.
.IP seriffont=default-serif-font-family
Replace the default serif font family
.IP stylesheet=URL
Replace the user stylesheet
.IP webinspector=[true|false]
Enable or disable webinspector
Keys can be mapped to the following functions:
.IP quit
Close the browser
.IP stop
Stop the current loading process
.IP bookmark
Save the current website in the bookmarks
.IP source
Toggle HTML source view
.IP jumpleft
Scroll to left edge
.IP jumpright
Scroll to right edge
.IP jumptop
Scroll to top of the page
.IP jumpbottom
Scroll to bottom of the page
.IP pageup
Scroll one screensize up
.IP pagedown
Scroll one screensize down
.IP navigationback
Go to previous page in browser-history
.IP navigationforward
Go to next page in browser-history
.IP reload
Reload current page
.IP scrollleft
Scroll the page one step to the left
.IP scrollright
Scroll the page one step to the right
.IP scrollup
Scroll the page one step up
.IP scrolldown
Scroll the page one step down
To map the 'R' key to reload to current page, add the following
line into ~/.config/vimprobable/vimprobablerc:
map <S-R> reload
Key can be mapped to any colon commands. Instead of entering an
internal symbol for the key combination to be mapped to, enter
a command line as you would enter it within a running browser
instance. For example:
map <C-s>=:set scripts=false
This would map Control-s to disable Javascript.
map i=:javascript console.log('insertmode_on')
This maps the i key to manually activate INSERT mode.
All settings can be changed on the fly by entering
:set followed by one of the commands in the SETTINGS section
There has not been any significant bug-hunting yet.
Hannes Schueller and Matto Fransen
.BR vimprobable2 (1),
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