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Build scalable newsfeeds, activity streams, chat and messaging in a few hours instead of weeks


  1. Stream Chat official react SDK

    TypeScript 321 160

  2. Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

    Dart 499 151

  3. Chat SDK for iOS. Build your own chat experience for iOS using the official Stream Chat API Swift SDK

    Swift 521 124

  4. Stream Chat official react-native SDK. The tutorial covers how to build your own chat experience using react-native, react-navigation and Stream

    TypeScript 519 167

  5. Winds Public archive

    A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App Powered by

    JavaScript 8.5k 590

  6. Official Android SDK for Stream Chat. Powerful client, offline support, and UI component libraries for awesome in-app chat features. Kotlin-first, Open-Source, free for Makers.

    Kotlin 745 128