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  • iOS 10 or later
  • Cocoapods v1.7.1 or later
  • A Giphy API key from the Giphy Developer Portal.
  • Xcode 10.2 or later

Github Example Repo

The SDK is currently exclusively available through Cocoapods, but we still use Github for releases, issue / feature tracking, and more.

Here you can:

  • View the most up-to-date documentation. The documentation on the developer portal may not always reflect the latest release.
  • Run the example app to see the GIPHY SDK in action with all of its configurations. It is necessary to run pod install before building the example app.
  • Open issues or feature requests
  • View releases


Add the GiphyUISDK to your Podfile like so:

target "YourAppTarget" do 
pod 'Giphy' 

Note: for pure Objective-C projects, add an empty swift file to your project and choose Create the Bridging Header when prompted by Xcode. This will allows to static libraries to be linked.

Getting started

Here's a basic ViewController setup to make sure everything's working. Make sure to configure the GIPHY SDK with your API key.

import UIKit
import GiphyUISDK 
import GiphyCoreSDK

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        GiphyUISDK.configure(apiKey: "your api key here")
    override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
        super.viewDidAppear(true )
        present(GiphyViewController(), animated: true, completion: nil)

Basic Usage


First things first, be sure to import:

import GiphyUISDK
import GiphyCoreSDK

Configure your API key. Apply for an API key here.

GiphyUISDK.configure(apiKey: "yOuR_kEy_HeRe")

Create a new GiphyViewController, which takes care of most of the magic.

let giphy = GiphyViewController()

Create a new GiphyViewController every time you want to show GIPHY (maintaining a reference to the same GiphyViewController object isn't necesssary and can impact performance and lead to unexpected results)


  • Theme: set the theme to be .dark or .light.
giphy.theme = .dark
  • Layout: set the layout to be .waterfall (vertical) or .carousel (horizontal).
giphy.layout = .waterfall
  • Media types: Set the content type(s) you'd like to show by setting the mediaTypeConfig property, which is an array of GPHContentTypes.
    Note: Emoji only is not available for the carousel layout option.
giphy.mediaTypeConfig = [.gifs, .stickers, .text, .emoji]
  • Confirmation screen: we provide the option to show a secondary confirmation screen when the user taps a GIF, which shows a larger rendition of the asset. This confirmation screen is only available for .waterfall mode - this property will be ignored if the layout is .carousel.
giphy.showConfirmationScreen = true 
  • Rating: set a specific content rating for the search results. Default ratedPG13.
giphy.rating = .ratedPG13
  • Rendition: option to select the rendition type for the grid. Default fixedWidth.
giphy.renditionType = .fixedWidth 
  • Localization: option to choose whether or not to localize the search results based on phone settings. Default false will set the language to en.
giphy.shouldLocalizeSearch = false
  • Open in app: option to open or not the GIFs or artists on the GIPHY app. Default true.
giphy.showViewOnGiphy = true


Present the GiphyViewController and watch as the GIFs start flowin'.

present(giphy, animated: true, completion: nil)


Set the delegate and conform to the GiphyDelegate protocol to handle GIF selection.

giphy.delegate = self
extension YourController: GiphyDelegate { 
   func didSelectMedia(giphyViewController: GiphyViewController, media: GPHMedia)   {
        // your user tapped a GIF!   
        giphyViewController.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil) 
   func didDismiss(controller: GiphyViewController?) {
        // your user dismissed the controller without selecting a GIF.  

From there, it's up to you to decide what to do with the GIF.


Create a GPHMediaView to display the media:

let mediaView = GPHMediaView() = media  

Use the media's aspectRatio property to size the view:

let aspectRatio = media.aspectRatio 

If you want to build your own view to display a GIF, grab a URL to the asset like so:

let webpURL = media.url(rendition: .original, fileType: .webp) 
let gifURL = media.url(rendition: .fixedWidth, fileType: .gif) 
let vidURL = media.url(rendition: .fixedWidth, fileType: .mp4) 

let url = URL(string: gifURL) 

Media IDs

In a messaging app context, you may want to send media ids rather than GPHMedia objects or image assets.

Obtain a GPHMedia's id property via

On the receiving end, obtain a GPHMedia from the id like so:

GiphyCore.shared.gifByID(id) { (response, error) in
    if let media = response?.data {
        DispatchQueue.main.sync { [weak self] in 
            self? = media


There are three button classes provided for you to use if you choose to.


GIPHY branded button available in the following styles:

  • logo - full giphy logo
  • logoRounded - same styles as logo with rounded corners
  • iconSquare - square giphy icon logo with black background
  • iconSquareRounded - same styles as iconSquare with rounded corners
  • iconColor - color version of giphy icon logo with transparent background
  • iconBlack - solid black version of the giphy icon logo with transparent background
  • iconWhite - solid white version of the giphy icon logo with transparent background
let button = GPHGiphyButton() = .logoSquareRounded


Generic gif button with the text "GIF", available in the following styles:

  • rectangle - rectuangular "pill" style button with solid background and transparent text
  • rectangleRounded - same styles as rectangle with rounded corners
  • rectangleOutline - rectuangluar "pill" style button with solid text and an outline
  • rectangleOutlineRounded - same styles as rectangleOutline with rounded corners
  • square - same styles as rectangle but square with smaller text
  • squareRounded - same styles as square with rounded corners
  • squareOutline - same styles as rectangleOutline but square with smaller text
  • squareOutlineRounded - same styles as squareOutline with rounded corners
  • text - transparent background button with "gif" text only

The GPHGifButton is also available in the following colors:

  • pink - pink and purple gradient
  • blue - blue and purple gradient
  • black - solid black
  • white - solid white
let button = GPHGifButton() = .squareRounded
button.color = .blue


Icon buttons for the different supported icon types. These come in the following styles:

  • stickers - solid sticker icon
  • stickersOutline - outline version of the stickers button
  • emoji - solid emoji smiley icon
  • emojiOutline - outline version of the emoji button
  • text - solid text speech bubble icon
  • textOutline - outline version of the text button

The GPHContentTypeButton is also available in the following colors:

  • pink - pink and purple gradient
  • blue - blue and purple gradient
  • black - solid black
  • white - solid white
let button = GPHContentTypeButton() = .emoji
button.color = .black


We use PINCache to cache media assets, which reduces unnecessary image requests and loading times. We create our own instance of PINCache which you can access via GPHCache.shared.pinCache.

By default, we use both PINCache’s memory cache and disk cache. The disk cache is limited to 300 mb by default, but you can set it to any value you’d like:

// set to 300 mb
GPHCache.shared.pinCache.diskCache.byteLimit = 300 * 1000 * 1000

If you only want to cache GIFs in memory, set GPHCache.shared.setting to memoryOnly like so

GPHCache.shared.setting = .memoryOnly 

Similarly, you can cache only to disk with:

GPHCache.shared.setting = .diskOnly 

Note: We don't automatically clear the cache when the GiphyViewController is dismissed. Manually clear the cache on your convenience by calling GPHCache.shared.clear() to clear the cache based on your setting, or GPHCache.shared.clear(.memoryOnly) to choose a specific cache you want to clear.


PINCache: image caching
YYImage: GIF playback
libwebp: webp playback
DeepDiff: Collection view diffing algorithm

Sponsored Content

We serve sponsored content every now and then so we can continue building great products and sharing the joy of GIFs across the Internet, and in apps like yours.

As a result, you’ll have to check a few boxes when you submit your app for review on the App Store if you’ve integrated this SDK.

  • Answer yes when asked if the app uses an advertising identifier and be sure to check:
    • Serve advertisements within the app
    • Attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement
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