AX_FOCUS_01 - It's giving a false positive for links in (almost) any footer. #247

emanuel-sanabria-developer opened this Issue Nov 11, 2015 · 5 comments


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These elements are focusable but either invisible or obscured by another element

This test is given a false positive in (almost) every site I've tried. You can try running the audit in this very site or or




I'm seeing this as well, but strangely only in certain build environments (cannot reproduce locally, can reproduce in TravisCI -- same versions of phantomjs, ruby, etc.).


On 12 Nov 2015 07:55, Wenbolovesnz wrote:+1

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I believe I'm seeing the same issue with a fixed header, where all elements are accessible via keyboard and mouse.


Bump with some info. I am able to repro with a simple case of pushing a link down below the fold.


Auditing that demo page consistently gives me the AX_FOCUS_01 warning. Making the super-tall div shorter so the link stays above the fold removes the warning.

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