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Modules Hello World

This is a sample application using the Google App Engine Modules API. It demonstrates how to create multiple modules serving different functions as well as custom routing to different modules.

There are two main applications defined in and The helloworld application is the one from the Getting Started and is used for the default module. The other two modules, one for a mobile-frontend and another for a static-backend, both use This module has a single handler which prints all the WSGI and CGI environment variables associated with the request as well as the output of all methods offered by the Modules API.

In addition to these applications, there is custom routing defined via dispatch.yaml. Requests to any module for the path /mobile are served by the mobile-frontend module and similarly all requests for the path /work are served by the static-backend module.


To deploy your each module for your application, run

$PATH_TO_SDK/ update app.yaml mobile_frontend.yaml static_backend.yaml

using the Google App Engine SDK with version at least 1.8.2. To set-up the custom routing, you'll also need to run

$PATH_TO_SDK/ update_dispatch .

from directory containing the application.