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Change Log


  • Adding support for >= node@0.4.1 & npm>=0.3.5


  • Added support for anonymous module definitions.
  • Made teleport-dashboard compatible with IE.
  • Adding experimental support for 'format' property in the package descriptor indicating format of contained modules (amd or raw).
  • Adding files property to packages that lists all the files of the package except ignored ones (ignored paths can be specified under ignore property of the package descriptor).
  • Compatibility with node 0.4.0.


  • Added a workaround to avoid npm's does confusion from a teleport's package layout.
  • Switching to an external mime service.


  • Renamed virtualized directory "packages" -> "support".
  • Packages are now accessible under localhost/{{name}} instead of localhost/packages/{{name}}
  • Teleport dashboard was factored out to a separate project so that it's dependencies won't be inherited by dependant packages.
  • Foundation for teleport reflect command.
  • Teleport dashboard visualizes more package metadata (modules, dependencies, tags).


  • Fixed bug that preventing teleport activation from non-package directories.
  • Removed legacy modules.


  • Updated APIs to work with new version of NPM (0.2.14-4).


  • Teleport now can work with multiple packages / apps at in parallel.
  • Teleport dashboard is a tool for visualizing all the installed packages, containing modules and meta-data.
  • In Firefox module JS version 1.8. is used by default.
  • IE compatible module loader.
  • Adding support for nested & sub-nested dependencies.
  • Support for "data-main" for defining main modules.


  • Teleport playground is loaded for 404 pages allowing to play with a modules for the given package.
  • Basic support for self updating on package descriptor changes.
  • Simplified beginners guide.


  • Fixes in beginners guide.


  • Adding teleport bundle command that mirrors given package & it's dependencies so that they can be used from local filesystem without any server.


  • Initial lunch of completely redesigned tool.