Open source toolkit for Mafia 2.
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Mafia 2: Toolkit

This toolkit is a group of programs a plugin for 3DS max and the library, which allows modders to build their own programs.


  • GameExplorer; a new quick way to modify Mafia II.
  • Open, edit and save 'FrameResource_X' files.
  • Open, edit and save 'FrameNameTable_X' data.
  • Open, edit and save 'defaultXX.mtl'. (Material Libraries)
  • WIP program to open 'Collision_X.bin' data.
  • WIP parsing of 'Actor_X.bin' files.
  • WIP model exporting and re-importing into the game.
  • WIP 'ItemDesc_X' parser, editor and saving.
  • WIP 'Navigation' data parsing.
  • WIP 'PREFAB' data parsing.
  • WIP 'SoundSector' data parsing.
  • WIP 3DS plugin to hopefully help modding the 3D data of Mafia.
  • WIP XML Parsing and saving.
  • WIP SDS unpacker and packer.
  • WIP Tables editor.
  • Both BufferPools can be open, edited and saved.


Only Windows is supported. Use Visual Studio 2017 to build the GitHub solution.

Known Bugs/Issues

You can check the current issues here.

Discord link:

To keep upto date on the progress of this toolkit, I recommend joining this discord by using the link here