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from testbot import TestTofbot, print_resp
class Origin:
chan = '#test'
origin = Origin()
origin.sender = 'TestTofbot'
class Counter:
def __init__(self, n):
self.remaining_calls = n
def __call__(self, msg):
self.remaining_calls -= 1
if self.remaining_calls < 0:
assert False
def cb_lines(n):
return Counter(n)
def cb_error(msg):
return cb_lines(0)
b = TestTofbot('ohohOHoh_bot', 'Le tof', chan, origin)
b.send("End of /MOTD command.", cb=cb_error)
b.send("test", cb=cb_error)
b.send("!help", cb=cb_lines(4))
b.send("!set autoTofadeThreshold 100", cb=cb_error)
b.send("!get autoTofadeThreshold", cb=cb_lines(1))
b.send("!get autoTofadeThreshold 2", cb=cb_error)