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MMMM Minutes (MMMMM 2)

Date: 29 August 2017 19:00

Location: Hacman, Wellington House


  • Make cleaning great again
  • Update on MCP/door lock
  • Operation Student Membership Grab



  • 19:30: Everyone has arrived, including Bo the dog.
  • 19:31: Bob says hello to the dog.

Camera Thunderdome :trollface:

We have an internal agreement to have cameras in the communal areas, such as corridors, where people aren't making stuff. We need to talk to the tenants about how they feel, Chris reports that Unit 1 is happy for cameras, Unit 2 is aware as he is a member and Unit 3 is band storage.

Action: we will need to deal with data protection issues and register with the ICO if we want cameras. Would we need to look into legality of having a camera facing outside our unit?

The main reasons for wanting cameras: outside for security, common area ones for finding out what happens during override key event/burgled - it would give us an idea of what happened.

Discussion of signs to deter people, as well as dummy cameras but there were not deemed useful. Money boxes are now emptied more regularly to reduce risk when something does happen.

Regarding cameras in the hacking areas, there are 4 main systems proposed:

  • Live strem that anyhone can view online: Concensus was "Not happening fuck no"
  • Live stream for members only: Not okay with everyone, would require veting to define who can/can't be a member
  • Swindon System - bot command that takes a snapshot - If implemented it would need to be geared to those who don't want to be on camera.
  • Other sort of sensing equipment: PIR/Radar - concensus on this was positive

Reasons to have cameras are to see who is leaving a mess in the space, which would require someone to nanny cam it. Reasons not to have cameras were varied from not wanting to be watched, issues with 16-18yr old memberships and extra legal issues, and we don't want to increase paperwork as it makes Bob sad and no-one wants a sad Bob. Further issues are that we can't deal with subject access requests if someone wants all images of them.

Further suggestion was made for a dashcam style system in common areas, on a 48hr loop in the event that something does happen.

No genuine reasons could be found to have cameras other than an "it would be cool" but would come at the cost of member comfort.


Issues have arrised and the boxes of shame are BACK! Items left out, that aren't obviously things from the space (such as tools) get put in and have three weeks before they are up for grabs or binned. Expensive stuff or personal items (chargers etc...) whould not be thrown away, and could be cycled many times before comung up for grabs. Taking things out from the shelves to hack is fine but must be used for actual projects, and properly used. This process is documented on the wiki, under Bin Conveyor. Action: Laminated sign indicating the process. It's everyones problem - we should resolve to have a word with people if we see them leaving things out.


More regular Hack The Space Days where cleaning can also happen as well as cool stuff We need to publicise these in advance and make sure everyone knows about them and are invited. We don't want HTSDs to become cleaning days.

MCP (Access control)

Things have moved a fair bit and the difficult part of automatic user creation for LDAP has been done 🎉 There are a few HTSDs until a MVP: doors, manage payment, groups, password reset, modify permissions, frontend. Action: Anyone know Python or Django? If so YOUR SPACE NEEDS YOU.

Slow door lock progress, battery backup system is now looking good with box and battery. Can be fitted within days to inner door. We can also get a reader up, but not integrate it for a few months. Curently awaiting power bricks from China.

v1 of the system is comprised of lots of boards connected up, v2 will hopefully fit on the front of a socket. Action: code to be pushed to github for everyones benefit.

Student Memberships

Freshers' Fair are not fair - huge cost to attend. Action: members with contact at Manchester Unis - exploit them and see if we can get talking. We can target societies such as the engineering society but also others such as orthopaedic society who may find use in the 3D printers.

We have a basic email to send to them, just need to go and do it - a small group to help Chris with this would be good. We could also aim at professors, forge relationships with them to mutually benefit both parties. We need to aim to branch out and expand the space.

For now, we can share stands with other groups and soeicites for events - eventually getting our own. This year is the first we were recognised for Hacman, not Madlab. Action: Play expo, forum post and doodle for times.


Sewing machine being fixed soon!

Weldy grindy

More beams to go. lighing to be added. Painting happening soon. Is there any way that others can help out to speed progress up


Feel free to update if things have changed as these will be reviewed at next meeting!

  • we will need to deal with data protection issues and register with the ICO if we want cameras
  • camera needs to be put up in coridor
  • laminated sign indicating bin conveyor process
  • access control: Anyone know Python or Django? Speak to Bob/Tas if you want to help.
  • members with contact at Manchester Unis - exploit them
  • HTSD needs organising and publishing, and promoting.
  • Play expo - if we are going we need to plan it.
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