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HTBox AllReady .NET Summer Hackfest

Welcome to the .NET Summer Hackfest with HTBox AllReady, and thanks for participating.

allReady is focused on increasing awareness, efficiency and impact of preparedness campaigns delivered by humanitarian and disaster response organizations in local communities. As community preparedness and resliency increases, the potential for impactful disasters (both large and small) is greatly decreased. Though not as visible or emotionally salient as saving children from a burning building, preparedness activities like ensuring working smoke detectors in a community, follows the industry rule of thumb where an hour or dollar spent before a disaster is worth 15-30 afterwards. The goal of allReady hinges on growing awareness of, and engaging communities and their volunteers in preparedness campaigns, and more aspirationally, to "put disaster response out of business" by preparing communities to be resilient to inevitable disasters. You can find more at the allReady page on the HTBox website or on GitHub.

Goals for the Session

The goal is to use your skills to help people in need. Build some code to help a charity prevent or minimize the affect of disasters. You'll learn some new skills, connect with fellow developers around world, and help your fellow humans.

How to Contribute

First, add yourself to our signup issue to get your name on our list of contributors for the event. You can also use this issue to request access to our slack channel.

Next, choose how you'd like to help out - you can have a look at issues jump-in label. We have also prepared other possibilities for you to have a look at listed below. Then fork the repo, clone it locally and you are ready to develop.

Finally, create a pull request to the master branch, make sure that you have merged the latest changes and that the PR has a readable diff (please avoid reformatting documents, refactoring stuff, changing CRLF to LF or tabs to spaces etc.)

Which are the things I can work on?

  • Check out the jump-in issues
  • If you'd like to implement your own feature, I'd recommend you to describe it first in an issue, so we can discuss it and help you with implementation. Sometimes the feature might be already implemented, but just have a different name.
  • Tasks in the .NET Conf Summer Hackfest. We have identified specific tasks and issues for the .NET Conf Summer Hackfest that you can work on. Just grab an issue, and start coding.
  • Polishing for the 1.0 release We have some lingering issues that need addressing for our official 1.0 release. Help us get there by working on some of these issues.

Project Setup

To get started, follow the developer setup instructions on the wiki. This project uses .NET Core, so you can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The wiki has setup instructions for each.


If you have any questions or want to ask anything, you can @-mention any of the team in an issue or a pull request:

  • @CanadianJames (project lead/contributor/maintainer)
  • @BillWagner (sponsor/founder)
  • @TonySurma (sponser/maintainer/customer advocate/general awesomeness)
  • @stevejgordon (core contributor/great option for European timezones)

We'll route it to the right person.