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# AppLocker Bypass Checker (Default Rules) v2.0
# One of the Default Rules in AppLocker allows everything in the folder C:\Windows to be executed.
# A normal user shouln't have write permission in that folder, but that is not always the case.
# This script lists default ACL for the "BUILTIN\users" group looking for write/createFiles & execute authorizations
# @Author: Sparc Flow in "How to Hack a Fashion Brand"
# NOTE: change the group and root_folder variables to suit your needs
$group = "*Users*"
$root_folder = "C:\windows"
write-output "[*] Processing folders recursively in $root_folder"
foreach($_ in (Get-ChildItem $root_folder -recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)){
$res = Get-acl $_.FullName
} catch{
foreach ($a in $res.access){
if ($a.IdentityReference -like $group){
if ( ($a.FileSystemRights -like "*Write*" -or $a.FileSystemRights -like "*CreateFiles*" ) -and $a.FileSystemRights -like "*ReadAndExecute*" ){
write-host "[+] " $_.FullName -foregroundcolor "green"