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- Add support for custom tile sets.
- Add Menu Item to upload scores to an online repository.
- Allow user to select sound files to play instead of default ones
- Make graphic tiling on by default
-Network 2/player play:
1) Play against each other, same game # & size to see who
wins first
2) play one board, both players removing tiles
- Fix pause Window
- Make Hall of fame, Pause Window, & Prefs Window asyncronous
- adjust name entry area "Enter your name for posterity"
-Preferences to prefer quietness
-Menu to enable/disable sound - DONE
-? tile - DONE
- Fix up tiles -/DONE
- Move tiles to rsrc -DONE
--> raw IDs # 0-35 -DINE
- Move S to rsrc -DONE
- move sound to rsrc -DONE
Is tps wrong??? ->tiles per minute - FIXED
Hide main window before showing high scores when game is done -FIXED
Pause when game is done :) -FIXED
Game ranking is backwards - high numbers are good! -FIXED
Pause game when displaying 'no moves left' message -FIXED
Game numbers suck - better random # generator
Make pause window be titled. - do it myself - FIXED
HAll of fame will do incorrect deletions (allow > 5 for each size) -FIXED
Hall of famesticks #s in backwards (?) -- FIXED
Show Time in 00:00:00 format -- FIXED
Always prompts for name, even when it shouldn't -- FIXED
Prevent user input when showing suggestions./Allow reentrency?
Background color --DONE
Highlight Color -- NOT YET
Line Color -- NOT YET
Background pic:tiled/centered --DONE
Background pic won't disappear whn set to "" -- FIXED
top of first row of Tiled pics covered by menu bar
In centered pics, account for menu bar
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