simple kakaotalk loco/http protocol wrapper for python
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pykakao is a simple kakaotalk LOCO/HTTP API protocol wrapper for python.

! warning: cannot get new session_key anymore.


Install it using

python install

If you are using Windows, you need to install PyCrypto manually.

To install PyCrypto manually, follow these steps.

  • Download zip archive.
  • Unzip it in Python's site-packages directory(Ex. C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages or /Library/Python/2.7).

Example Codes

  1. How to get session key and user id
from pykakao import kakaotalk

kakao = kakaotalk()
    # computer name and device id are not important things. you can pass any string you want.
    print kakao.session_key
    print kakao.user_id
    print "auth failed."
  1. A Simple echoing bot
from pykakao import kakaotalk

kakao = kakaotalk("SESSION KEY", "DEVICE ID", USER ID)
if kakao.login():
    while True:
        packet = kakao.translate_response()

        if not packet:
            print "connection closed."

        if packet["command"] == "MSG":
            if packet["body"]["chatLog"]["authorId"] != kakao.user_id:
                kakao.write(packet["body"]["chatLog"]["chatId"], packet["body"]["chatLog"]["message"])
    print "login failed."


pykakao is following MIT License.

Thanks To

Cai(0x90 :: Cai's Blog)