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iOS client for node.js library ShareJS
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Objective-C client for Share.js

Still work in progress.

Todo list

  • Write tests (switch to TDD)
  • Create classes for all JSON operations
  • Make a queing system for sending messages via the socket done
  • Saving unsended operations / send them when we are online again done, needs testing
  • More universal way to apply Operations;
    • The are designed for NSDictionary/NSArray's now
    • Create a protocol (SHOperationTarget?)


  • Use JSONKit to support iOS 4?


NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"ws://localhost:8000/sockjs/websocket"];
SHJSONClient *client = [[SHJSONClient alloc] initWithURL:url docName:@"groceries"];

NSMutableArray __block *groceries = [@[ @"milk", @"bread", @"eggs" ] mutableCopy];

[client addCallback:^(SHType type, id<SHOperation> operation) {

    // add the remote grocerie to our groceries array.
    [operation runOnObject:&groceries];

} forPath:[SHPath pathWithKeyPath:@"list.items"] type:SHTypeInsertItemToList];
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