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Configuring Hound

To configure Hound, use the project's config/config.exs file or equivalent (v0.14.0 and above). Here are some examples:

# Start with selenium driver (default)
config :hound, driver: "selenium"
# Use Chrome with the default driver (selenium)
config :hound, driver: "chrome"
# Start with default driver at port 1234 and use firefox
config :hound, port: 1234, browser: "firefox"
# Start Hound for PhantomJs
config :hound, driver: "phantomjs"
# Start Hound for ChromeDriver (default port 9515 assumed)
config :hound, driver: "chrome_driver"
# Use Chrome in headless mode with ChromeDriver (default port 9515 assumed) 
config :hound, driver: "chrome_driver", browser: "chrome_headless"
# Start Hound for remote PhantomJs server at port 5555
config :hound, driver: "phantomjs", host: "", port: 5555
# Define your application's host and port (defaults to "http://localhost:4001")
config :hound, app_host: "http://localhost", app_port: 4001
# Define how long the application will wait between failed attempts (in miliseconds)
config :hound, retry_time: 500
# Define http client settings
config :hound, http: [recv_timeout: :infinity, proxy: ["socks5", "", "9050"]]
# Define selenium hub settings
config :hound,
  driver: "chrome_driver",
  host: "http://localhost",
  port: 32770,
  path_prefix: "wd/hub/"
# Set genserver timeout
config :hound, genserver_timeout: 480000
# Set default request retries
config :hound, retries: 3