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// MeshVertex.h: interface for the CMeshVertex class.
// Copyright (c) 2009, Dan Heeks
// This program is released under the BSD license. See the file COPYING for details.
#pragma once
#include "MeshChild.h"
#include "MeshPosition.h"
class CMeshEdge;
class CMeshFace;
class CMeshVertex:public CMeshChild
CMeshPosition m_position;
Point m_norm;
// edge direction showing stuff
void MakeSureDisplayListExists();
std::set<CMeshEdge*> m_edges;
std::set<CMeshFace*> m_faces;
CMeshVertex(const Point& v);
CMeshVertex(const CMeshVertex& v);
virtual ~CMeshVertex();
const CMeshVertex& operator=(const CMeshVertex& v);
// HeeksObj's virtual functions
int GetType()const{return MeshVertexType;}
const wxChar* GetTypeString(void)const{return _("Mesh Vertex");}
HeeksObj *MakeACopy(void)const;
const wxBitmap &GetIcon();
void GetTools(std::list<Tool*>* t_list, const wxPoint* p);
void GetGripperPositions(std::list<GripData> *list, bool just_for_endof);
bool Stretch(const double *p, const double* shift, void* data);
void DrawGripperSelectItems();
// member functions
Point vertex()const{return m_position.vertex();}
void set_vertex(const Point& v){m_position.set_vertex(v);}
Point get_average_direction(const std::set<CMeshEdge*> &edges_to_use)const;
Point get_best_normal_from_edges()const;
void NormalizeAllEdgeDirections();