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C++ Frameworks and Game Engine
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Helium Game Engine

Helium aspires to be a fully-featured open-source game engine:

  • Permissively licensed (BSD-style)
  • Designed to scale to desktop, console, and mobile
  • Utilize familiar industry-standard DCC user interface and usability design
  • Import content using production proven interchange formats (like FBX)






Helium is built using premake. Premake interprets lua script and generates platform-specific IDE project files.


All Platforms



XCode Command Line Tools (install from within XCode preferences):

xcode-select --install


sudo Dependencies/
  • libboost-all-dev is for std::regex fallback (last checked libstdc++ still had to implemented it fully)
  • libgtk2.0-dev is the basis for wxWidgets' GUI implementation on Linux


First, grab our source tree from git and ensure that you fetch all the submodules by doing:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Next, generate the project files using premake. An appropriate build of premake is includedin the repository.

On Windows, generate Visual Studio 201x projects (replace 201x with your desired version):

cd Dependencies
..\premake vs201[x]
start Dependencies.sln

cd ..
premake vs201[x]
start Helium.sln

On OSX and Linux, use premake to generate makefiles (Xcode support inside premake is on hold as of late):

cd Dependencies
../ gmake
make -j8

cd ..
./ gmake
make -j8

Continuous Integration

You can find our current build status on our TeamCity instance:


  • On OSX you may get a dependency check error about your FBX SDK containing spaces, to work around it just make a symlink without spaces and set the FBK_SDK environment variable. See mklink and export (amending your .bash_profile file) for help setting those up.
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