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A client update deployment solution for games with modding like Minecraft.
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SSProto is a fairly simple but flexible and secure TCP protocol for deploying game client updates. Initially, it was developed as a part of Hexamine project (a Minecraft server) but turns out to be useful outside of Minecraft environment. You may read about it more on Hexawolf's blog


This applications connects to a server (ss-server) that implements SSProto, "indexes" (hashes) files in current directory and sends list of files and their hashes to the server. After doing so, it listens to "update packets" from the server. They contain files, their paths and signatures, that client need to download and save.

Basically, this application tries to keep working directory in synchronization with server. For example, if some essential game files were modified on the server side, this client will download them from the server and game will be compatible with it's game server again.


SSProto is a really simple, hand-made protocol that was made because of all the problems that appeared with deploying Hexamine updates. Mainly, because people found installing updates (that were deployed almost every day those days) too painful or even faced problems due to improper update as a result of customized client setup. While ss-client is tuned specifically for Hexamine client, it is obvious that SSProto (as well as this program) may be tuned for more applications where it is essential to keep only specific server files in sync with clients.


Copyright © 2018 Hexawolf

This software and most of it's code (except utils.go file) is available under MIT license. The utils.go is not licensed at all: you are hereby granted to do anything you want with the code there.

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