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require 'formula'
class Bitlbee < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha1 '6ac7cab4dab422f9baac97818e69ee9934db345c'
option 'purple', "Use libpurple for all communication with instant messaging networks"
option 'with-otr', "Build with otr (off the record) support"
depends_on 'glib'
depends_on 'gnutls'
depends_on 'libgcrypt'
depends_on 'libpurple' => :optional if build.include? 'purple'
depends_on 'libotr' => :optional if build.include? 'with-otr'
def install
# By default Homebrew will set ENV['LD'] to the same as ENV['CC'] which
# defaults to /usr/bin/cc (see Library/Homebrew/extend/ENV.rb:39) However
# this will break as bitlbee uses one of those odd and rare Makefiles that
# can't handle the linker being 'cc' and must be 'ld' (don't ask me some C
# magician will know).
ENV['LD'] = '/usr/bin/ld'
args = ["--prefix=#{prefix}",
args << "--purple=1" if build.include? "purple"
args << "--otr=1" if build.include? "with-otr"
system "./configure", *args
# This build depends on make running first.
system "make"
system "make install"
# Install the dev headers too
system "make install-dev"
# This build has an extra step.
system "make install-etc"
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