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  • Choose a better naming convention, including the index oid
  • handle multiple columns
  • handle collation
  • handle GIN access method
  • handle GiST access method
  • handle SP-GiST access method
  • handle BRIN access method
  • better formula for number of pages in index
  • handle tree height
  • Add check for btree: total column size must not exceed BTMaxItemSize (maybe less, just in case?)
  • Add some more (or enhance) function. Following are interesting:
  • estimated index size
  • estimated number of lines
  • add hypopg_get_indexdef(oid)

Less important

  • specify tablespace
  • Compatibility PG 9.2-
  • handle unique index
  • handle reverse and nulls first
  • handle index on expression
  • handle index on predicate
  • specify a bloat factor