The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy includes steps to manage and automate the functionality and configuration of an IBM Sterling B2B Integrator server.
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IBM UrbanCode Deploy Sterling B2B Integrator Plug-in Build Status

Note: This is not the plugin distributable! This is the source code. To find the installable plugin, go into the 'release' tab, and download a stable version.

This UrbanCode Deploy plug-in is for integrating with Sterling B2B Integrator allowing users to automate their B2B processes.

The Sterling B2Bi plug-in includes the following steps:

Add Workflow
Apply Configurations
Assemble Import Batch File
Get Service Status
Import Batch File
Import MAPs
Install or Uninstall Third-Party Jars
Restart Windows Service
Start B2Bi
Stop B2Bi


The IBM UrbanCode Deploy automation plug-in works with Sterling B2B Integrator versions 5.2 and later.
This plug-in requires version 6.1.1 or later of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.


The packaged zip is located in the build/distributions folder. No special steps are required for installation.
See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy. Download this zip file if you wish to skip the
manual build step. Otherwise, download the entire IBM-Sterling-B2B-Integrator-UCD and
run the "gradle" command in the top level folder. This should compile the code and create
a new distributable zip within the build/distributions folder. Use this command if you wish to make
your own changes to the plugin.


This plug-in is protected under the [Eclipse Public 1.0 License](


Version 2
	GitHub Release.
Version 1
	Initial Release.