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Node-RED Starter

Open IBM Cloud Service Catalog:

Click to create the Node-RED Starter starter.

  • Increase the GB MEMORY PER INSTANCE to 1 to avoid deploy failures

  • Click on the Visit App URL
  • Open the Node-RED Starter's editor and setup your own username and password
  • On the top right side of the editor, click on: Burger Menu -> Import -> Clipboard
  • Copy the code from the scripts/flow.json in Github
  • Paste the code in the Clipboard in the Node-RED Starter's editor

Important Notes that are needed for the service nodes in Node-RED Starter's editor:

  • Copy and paste into one place all usernames, passwords and hosts of all services for easy access when needed
  • These credentials will be used in the Node-RED Starter's editor for each service node, without them your app will not behave as intended in this turorial
  • Each service will automatically create its credentials: Username and Password
  • If you don't see the service credentials, you can create a new one: Create Credentials
  • Internet of Things Platform will require to create an api key and api token. There's an how-to guide included on IoT page.
  • For the missing nodes (dashed), click on: Burger Menu -> Manage Palette -> Install
    Then, type in the search field (search modules) to install the microphone, play-audio, bluemix-dashboard