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GeoJSON Encoding Rule for INSPIRE Addresses

Version: 0.1 Date: 2019-03-29

The Simple Addresses encoding can be used as an alternative encoding for address data that fulfills the following requirements:

  • It is sufficient to provide one GeographicName for all elements that use it
  • There is not more than 1 AdminUnitName address component per AdministrativeUnitLevel
  • There is only a single default position per Address object

Normative References

Conformance Class Core

The Addresses theme has one application schema, therefore this theme-specific encoding rule defines a single core conformance class.

Model Transformation

This section describes which transformation rules with which parameters are applied to the Addresses conceptual model before applying the general rules of this encoding rule:

  1. Substitute all occurences of GeographicName with the Simple Geographic Name through Rule MT005(separator: '.').
  2. Subsitute all attributes that have a property type with a Codelist Sterotype through a inline codelist reference using MT008().
  3. Inline all addressComponents through Rule MT003(separator: '.', cardinality: { AdminUnitName: 6 }), using the respective typenames to create unique property names. In addition, define that for AdminUnitName, six properties shall be created, one for each AdministrativeUnitLevel.
  4. Flatten the Locator/Designator structure through application of MT004(separator: '.', keyProperty: 'type') (Flatten aggregated or associated components using codelist values).
  5. Apply the General Flattening rule to simplify the remaining properties: MT001(separator: '.')

Model Mapping

The following table explains the mapping between the classes and properties of the original Addresses (AD) model to the Simplified Addresses (ADS) model.


AD Name (condition) AD Type ADS Name ADS Type
ad:alternativeIdentifier String alternativeIdentifier String
ad:beginLifespanVersion DateTime beginLifespanVersion String
ad:endLifespanVersion DateTime endLifespanVersion String
ad:building Reference endLifespanVersion String
ad:component (class = ThoroughfareName) Component component.ThoroughfareName String
ad:component (class = PostalDescriptor) Component component.ThoroughfareName String
ad:component (class = AddressAreaName) Component component.ThoroughfareName String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 0) Component component.AdminUnitName_1 String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 1) Component component.AdminUnitName_2 String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 2) Component component.AdminUnitName_3 String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 3) Component component.AdminUnitName_4 String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 4) Component component.AdminUnitName_5 String
ad:component (class = AdminUnitName, index = 5) Component component.AdminUnitName_6 String
ad:locator AddressLocator locator.designator.addressNumber String
locator.designator.addressNumberExtension String
locator.designator.addressNumber2ndExtension String
locator.designator.buildingIdentifier String
locator.designator.buildingIdentifierPrefix String
locator.designator.cornerAddress1stIdentifier String
locator.designator.cornerAddress2ndIdentifier String
locator.designator.entranceDoorIdentifier String
locator.designator.floorIdentifier String
locator.designator.kilometrePoint String
locator.designator.postalDeliveryIdentifier String
locator.designator.staircaseIdentifier String
locator.designator.unitIdentifier String
locator.level String
locator.level.href String (URL)
ad:parcel Parcel parcel String
ad:parentAddress Address parentAddress String
ad:position GeographicPosition added as geometry to the root object GeoJSON Geometry Object
position.specification String
position.specification.href String (URL)
position.method String
position.method.href String (URL)
position.default boolean
ad:status StatusValue status String
status.href String (URL)
ad:validFrom DateTime validFrom String
ad:validTo DateTime validTo String

Examples (Informative)

NOTE Additional examples can be added to the /ads/examples/ folder in this repository.

Example 1: One Address Feature with all components and locators inlined (Standalone Example)

            "type": "Feature",
            "id": "Address_1",
            "geometry": {
                "type": "Point",
                "coordinates": [ 8.6572813, 49.87437 ]
            "properties": {
                "inspireId.localId": "Address_1",
                "inspireId.namespace": "",
                "position.specification": "parcel",
                "position.specification.href": "",
                "position.method": "fromFeature",
                "position.method.href": "",
                "position.default": true,
                "locator.designator.addressNumber": "5",
                "locator.designator.addressNumberExtension": "A",
                "locator.level": "siteLevel",
                "locator.level.href": "",
                "component.ThoroughfareName": "Fraunhoferstraße",
                "component.PostalDescriptor": "64283",
                "component.AddressAreaName": "Innenstadt",
                "component.AdminUnitName_1": "Deutschland",
                "component.AdminUnitName_2": "Hessen",
                "component.AdminUnitName_3": "Darmstadt"

JSON Schema Definition (Informative)

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