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""" BackSwap Banker Information Extractor
This is a radare2-based Python3 script which can be used to decrypt and
extract information from several versions of BackSwap including its
position-indepndent payload. If possible, the script will decrypt the payload.
Usage: python3 <full-path-to-sample>
__author__ = "Itay Cohen, aka @megabeets_"
__company__ = "Check Point Software Technologies Ltd"
import sys
import os
import binwalk # binwalk should be installed on the machine
import r2pipe # radare2 and r2pipe should be installed on the machine
# Note: Works for the majority of BacckSwap samples which has BMP images embedded
def decrypt_bmp_shellcode(dirname):
for f in os.listdir(dirname):
if f.endswith(".bmp"):
fname = os.path.join(dirname, f)
# Open the file with radare2
r2 =
# Enable caching mode
r2.cmd('e io.cache=true')
# Search for the following instructions
# ffe0 jmp rax
# e8b7ffffff call 0xffffffbe
jmp_call_search_result = r2.cmdj('/xj ffe0e8b7ffffff')
if not jmp_call_search_result:
jmp_call_search_result = jmp_call_search_result[0]
# Get the address of the inital key
initial_key_address = jmp_call_search_result['offset']+7
# Temporarily set endiannes to big-endian and read 4 bytes
r2.cmd('e cfg.bigendian = true')
initial_key = r2.cmdj("pxwj 4 @ %d" % initial_key_address)[0] & (2**32-1)
r2.cmd('e cfg.bigendian = false')
# Search for the following instructions
# 0fc9 bswap ecx
# 43 inc ebx
# 31d9 xor ecx, ebx
bswap_inc_xor_result = r2.cmdj("/xj 0fc94331d9")[0]
# Get the address of the comparison
constant_address = bswap_inc_xor_result['offset']+5
# Get the constant to be compared
constant_value = r2.cmdj('pdj 1 @ %d' % constant_address)[0]['val']
# Calculate the final XOR key
final_key = constant_value ^ initial_key
print ("[+] Found encryption key: %x" % final_key)
# XOR the file
r2.cmd('wox %x @ %d!$s' % (final_key, initial_key_address+4))
# Write the decrypted function to a file
decryption_status = r2.cmd('wtf! %s.decrypted' % (fname) )
# Get the jump from the BMP. The jump address might indicate the campaign
jmp = r2.cmd('pi 1 @ 2')
print ("[+] Jump is: %s" % (jmp))
# Extract the BMP image using binwalk
def extract_bmp(fname):
binwalk_args = ['--dd=bitmap:bmp', '-C=%s/' % (os.path.dirname(fname)), fname]
for module in binwalk.scan(*binwalk_args, signature=True, quiet=True, extract=True):
for result in module.results:
if any(header in result.description for header in ["bitmap", "Bitman", "BMP"]):
if result.file.path in module.extractor.output:
if result.offset in module.extractor.output[result.file.path].extracted:
return module.extractor.output[result.file.path].directory
# A BMP wasn't found in the file. Return with nothing
# Constants
BLOCK_SIZE = 50000 # Bytes
MAX_KEY = 2 ** 8
# Decode up to BLOCK_SIZE bytes to avoid extra-work.
# The function assumes the presence of either
# "document" or"function" within the first BLOCK_SIZE bytes.
def decode_block(block):
ba_data = block
for k in range(1, MAX_KEY):
out = []
for i in range(len(ba_data)):
out.append(chr(ba_data[i] ^ k))
txt = "".join(out)
# Search for Javascript keywords
if "function" in txt and "document." in txt:
return (k)
return -1
def get_internal_name(r2):
info = r2.cmd("iV")
name = ''
for i in info.split('\n'):
if "OriginalFilename:" in i:
name = i.split(": ")[1]
if name != '':
print ("[+] Original software name is: %s" %(name))
def decrypt_javscript_rsrc(fname):
# Open file in radare2
r2 =
# Check if file is a pe
info = r2.cmdj("ij")
bintype = info["core"]["format"]
if bintype != "pe":
print ("[X] Not a PE file. Bye")
# Get list of all resources
resources = r2.cmdj("iRj")
numOfResources = 0
if resources:
# Iterate the resources
for rsrc in resources:
# Check if resource type is RCDATA
if rsrc["type"] == "RCDATA":
# Make sure size is not smaller than BLOCK_SIZE to avoid reading extra bytes
sz = BLOCK_SIZE if BLOCK_SIZE < rsrc["size"] else rsrc["size"]
# Brute force the bytes and get the key if succeed
key = decode_block(r2.cmdj("pxj %d @ %d" % (sz, rsrc["vaddr"])))
# Check if we was able to decode the resource
if key > 0:
# Allow temporarily writing to the file (not affect the file on disk)
r2.cmd("e io.cache=true")
# XOR the resource with the found key
r2.cmd("wox %02x @ %d!%d" % (key, rsrc["vaddr"], rsrc["size"]))
# Get the contet of the resource
xord_bytes = r2.cmdj('pxj %d @ %d' % (rsrc["size"], rsrc["vaddr"]))
# Save the decoded resource to a file
dirname = os.path.dirname(fname)
filename = "%s/_%s.extracted/javascript/RSRC_DUMP_0x%x.js" % (dirname, os.path.basename(fname), rsrc["vaddr"])
os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(filename), exist_ok=True)
f = open(filename, 'w')
f.write(''.join([chr(c) for c in xord_bytes]))
print("[+] Resource at 0x%x, of size %d bytes, decrypted with key: 0x%x" % (rsrc["vaddr"], rsrc["size"], key))
numOfResources += 1
print("[+] Number of resources (WebInjects): %d" %(numOfResources))
def main():
# Check if there is a file passed as argument
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print ("Usage: %s <fullpath>" %(sys.argv[0]))
input_file = sys.argv[1]
print("[!] EXTRACTION STARTED FOR: %s" % (input_file))
# Extract BMP file
directory = extract_bmp(input_file)
# Decrypt Javascript resources
if directory != None:
# Decrypt the BMP file
decrypt_bmp_shellcode (directory)
print("[X] No BMP image found. New version of BackSwap or not BackSwap at all")
if __name__ == '__main__':